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I want to express my most sincere appreciation and thanks to a number of individuals who most graciously have allowed me to use and reference their materials, be it: research, articles, videos, drawings, photographs, web-sites, etc.

Thank you for sharing!


D. Allan Drummond, in Pasadena, California, ( for the accounts of his experiences with Zompopos and his amazing and detailed drawing of a Zompopo soldier.


A. San Juan, in New Jersey, ( for his passion for Zompopos demonstrated in all of his research work and the immense amount of Zompopo related information collected & presented in his web site.


Richard Leornardi, in Managua, Nicaragua, ( for the informative article on “El Baile del Zompopo” and for his compassion and the work he does for human communication and understanding.


Tim Brown, in Salt Lake City, Utah, ( for his breathtaking videos of Zompopos, for the spirit of his Infinite World website and research projects, and for his openness and willingness to help.


Margarita Funes, in Santa Elena, El Salvador, ( of “La Prensa Gráfica) for the permission to use the photograph of a “Zompopo de mayo”.


Cecilia Esquivel, in Washington DC, from Argentina, ( for her music and for recording and printing (with translation) the lyrics to “El Zompopo de Nicaragua”.


Alex Wild, in Davis, California, ( for his incredible collection of insect pictures, and particularly of Zompopo close-ups.


Richard Seaman, in California, from New Zealand, ( for his great photos and rich information about Zompopos.